‘Thank You’ From the Latin American Apostolate

Thanks to the St. Luke Parish

We received two thank you letters from Rev. Msgr. Francis Blood regarding the Latin American Apostolate and World Mission Sunday. In summary, he wrote:

Your donations to the Latin American Apostolate enables our four St. Louis Missionaries, including Bishop Casey, Fr. Pat Hayden, Fr. Jim Michler, and Fr. Tim Noelker, to continue to be: “Missionaries to the Nations!” These priests and Bishop Casey work in very diverse parts of Bolivia, and collectively serve over 300,000 people in Bolivia.

Your donations to World Mission Sunday are wonderful support to providing funding for the training of 9,000 Religious Sisters in 1,150 mission territories. One such territory is Tanzania. The Daughters of Mary in Tabor, Tanzania are one of the beneficiaries of the collection for World Mission Sunday. Founded in 1923, the Daughters of Mary are blessed with many native vocations. These Sisters are engaged in education and health care among the poor.