2nd Sunday of Lent

March 5, 2023

Today we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Lent. Our journey continues with Jesus as we ascend Mt. Tabor and are given a “glimpse of glory.” Every year on this Sunday we read the story of the Transfiguration. Early in Lent we know where Jesus is headed; to Jerusalem where He will undergo His Passion and Death. The forty days’ journey leads us to the Holiest week of the Church Year where we celebrate the great Liturgies of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday. The apostles would experience these days and would have had their faith tested as they saw their Lord and Master arrested, tortured, humiliated and eventually crucified like a criminal. Jesus takes Peter, James and John up the mountain where He is transfigured. He converses with Moses and Elijah who represent the Law and the Prophets. Then He reveals His glory; “His face shone like the sun and His clothes became white as light.” It was a glimpse of glory. As they descend the mountain top Jesus tells them not to tell the vision to anyone until His Paschal Mystery was completed. This reminds us that life is not all mountain tops, nor is it always life in the valleys. Life is a mixture of joys and sufferings. There is always hope that when we go through the bitter valley the Lord will reveal His glory and ours too.

Congratulations and many thanks to all who made our Trivia Night on February 18th a success. Special thanks to Julia and Mike Beaudoin for organizing and coordinating the Mardi Gras event again this year. Thanks to all who donated, bought a table, and worked behind the scenes. The community of St. Luke’s can be proud of our fund raising efforts. Proceeds from this year’s event will help with repairs to the campus.

Speaking of repairs. I am sure you have noticed the School parking lot wall along Bellevue. It began to come apart a few weeks ago. The City of Richmond Heights has cited us and we are currently getting bids to repair it. It is a bigger project than expected as we recognized that some of the gravel underneath the parking lot has washed away and caused several major areas to become vulnerable. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Many of you probably didn’t know her, but Rosalie Howard, a long-time parishioner passed away about a month ago. She was regularly at the 10:00am Mass and sat over by the Blessed Mother’s altar. We have received word from her attorney that Rosalie left her house as a bequest to St. Luke Parish. We are currently working with her attorney and will contact the Building and Real Estate Office of the Archdiocese as how to proceed. I expect the Finance Council to recommend we sell the property in the next few months.

As Lent continues, I see more and more parishioners taking advantage of daily Mass, now offered Monday thru Friday. I hope more and more take advantage of this.

God Bless! Happy Lent!

Please continue praying 3 Hail Marys.

Fr. Pete