Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

How to bring others to JESUS

You have to do these things in order…

PRAY for them

Have a prayer list. Pray for people who don’t know Christ. You must pray for them first and foremost.

LOVE them

Enter into a relationship with people. If you love them, they will hear anything you say. If you judge them they will reject everything you have to say. You cannot tell anyone about Jesus unless you love them first. They need to know that you love them because you cannot bring Jesus to them unless they know you love them.

WITNESS to them

After you’ve prayed for them and opened their heart to receive the Holy Spirit; you’ve loved them because God is love and you are the instrument of God to them; you are showing them who God is, now you witness to them. As a witness, say this is what Jesus has done for me and this is what Jesus can do for you. Jesus has fed me and He has satisfied me. There is no judgment; God loves people where they are and without conditions.

All people who sin have a hole in their heart that is very big and only God can fill the hole. Our judgment makes that hole bigger; it doesn’t fill the hole of their emptiness. We witness to them how God has filled us, has fed us, satisfied us, and loved us; He can do the same for you.

We become instruments of salvation knowing that God never lets us go; He always loves us; He always takes care of us. We need to be the instrument of that to others.

(excerpts from Fr. Larry Richards Homily, August 3, 2014)