4th Sunday in Lent


Today’s Gospel story of the prodigal son is a favorite of many.  We can identify with all the major figures and their crisscross of emotions. The father’s initial grief over his young son’s avarice is turned to relief at his return. The son’s grief over his loss of fortune, family, and friends is turned to delirious joy at the sight of his father.

We understand the eldest son’s bewilderment over his father’s generosity. For the older son, virtue seems not to be its own reward. For all his honorable toil and loyalty, there seems to be no celebration. The father, however, is prodigal in his forgiveness and mercy. He expects the same generosity from his older son. He wants all to rejoice when the lost one is found.

This is a Sunday for rejoicing. It’s time to pause, consider, and encourage one another. We are the prodigal children heading home. We are the elder siblings waiting with the eager Father, who scans the horizon. In Christ Jesus we are reconciled to the Father and one another. In his death and resurrection we have passed over. We are a new creation. In this we rejoice.

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