5th Sunday in Lent

March 13, 2016

Dear People of God,
For your information, there has been a change in my ministry status at Immaculate Conception. Deacon Ken Clemens will relieve me of managerial duties there beginning the week after Easter. I will continue to supply the Sacraments of Eucharist and Penance, that is to say Mass and Confessions, while Deacon Ken will be in charge, the person attending various parish meetings, responsible for scheduling, maintenance and finances.  This will provide the parishioners more ministerial attention than I have been able to give them. For myself, this will signify less work and worry for which I will be grateful. There should be mention of this change in the Review either this week or next.

A practical effect of this change for us at St. Luke is that $10,000 of my annual salary which has been paid by Immaculate Conception the last several months will revert back to us here at St. Luke. That being so, I ask everyone to donate just a little bit more, say one dollar more each week, or five dollars more each month to cover the cost. Last year we lost $36,000 for the year ended 6-30-2015. This year thanks to no catastrophic repairs–so far, frugal use of heating and air conditioning, no extravagant social events, and a $10,000 bequest, we are about $10,000 “in the black” which is good. We do not want to dip into our meager savings as we did last year. Please pray and ask Jesus what he would want you to donate.

Our Stations of the Cross on Friday nights is starting to grow.  Come join us with Jesus as He walks to Calvary, 7:00 pm. There are many graces promised to those who pray the Stations.

May Jesus Bless You and Yours This Holy Lent,

Fr. John-Paul