2nd Sunday in Lent

Dear People of God,

Hopefully we have chosen some activity to bring us closer to Jesus during these days of Lent. Whatever we do, if we do it in love it will be pleasing to Jesus.

There are many blessings and graces associated with the Stations of the Cross; a devotion in which we spiritually accompany Jesus to Calvary as He carries His cross. This devotion can make us more compassionate to others around us who are suffering, and help us to value the forgiveness Jesus won for our moments of selfishness. We will offer the Stations of the Cross at 7:00 pm on the Fridays of Lent, not including Good Friday. This devotion is different from novenas and other prayers, in that it came from regular people, soldiers specifically. The Crusaders who returned from the Holy Land in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries wanted to relive their experiences; visiting the Garden of Olives, the plaza where Jesus was presented to Pilate, the city road Jesus traveled with the cross, and finally His tomb. The returning veterans would assemble in a group and walk between “stations”, actually just stakes in the ground at first in the church yard, then praying at each stop until they finished at the last station, the tomb. Now we have artwork representing Jesus and the people around Him as He fulfills His life mission. Of course everyone is welcome to spiritually accompany Jesus to Calvary. This is a great way to prepare for Easter Resurrection. If you bring children, they will be welcome to walk the stations, either along the walls or in the center aisle as you and they prefer. Adults too! We all know children do not want to sit in the pews more than two or three minutes!

Please pray the Holy Spirit blesses Pope Francis and the people of Mexico with much joy and help during his visit.

May Our Lord Jesus Bless You and Yours This Week,

Fr. John-Paul