WHAT IF your paychecks didn’t come regularly?

Most of our parishioners are blessed with consistent and dependable paychecks.  Yet, have you ever thought about how you would manage your bills and schedule payments if you were never sure how much money you were going to have in your bank account?  This is a problem that our parish faces every month.  Weekly giving fluctuates.  While we are most grateful for any gift that any parishioner (and/or visitor) can give at any time, to help us maintain a more consistent cash flow, we have established an online giving program.

Those parishioners who are using the program tell us it is a great help to them too. It allows them to clearly budget the amount that they want to give back to God and helps them feel assured that their parish is receiving their gift even when they are out of town, too busy to remember an envelope, or attending Mass elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about this easy, safe, and secure way of giving, please contact Donna in the parish office (644-2144) or simply go to our parish website at

http://stlukestl.org/get-involved-at-st-luke/donations/ or www.osvonlinegiving.com/2994. 


You can set up the amount that you would like to give on a schedule that meets your needs,  You never have to worry about writing another check, forgetting your envelope, or having cash in your wallet.