Third Sunday of Easter

April 10, 2016

Dear People of God,

Thank you everyone who worked so hard to make our Easter so beautiful; the flowers, music, prayers smiles, and thank you everyone for your donations too.  It all helps.  We honored well Our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection.  Especially as our world gets smaller with air travel more affordable we appreciate the wonderful uniqueness of christianship and resurrection that we have through Jesus, only in Christianity.  All of the world’s religions are mixing more and more and people get confused thinking it is all the same; only Jesus gives us eternal life as His family members, with our own resurrected bodies, sharing His heavenly and earthly kingdom.  Only Christianity; what a treasure!

We will start the Annual Catholic Appeal next weekend, giving ourselves the opportunity to participate in Jesus’ archdiocesan work of mercy and charity.  Please pray to ask Jesus how much He would like us to give.

We will offer some evenings to study our faith and see where Jesus wants to take us in the next few months.  We will have the opportunity to look at  everyday, real life spirituality for ourselves and our loved ones.  Please stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Thank you for all the kind words, prayers and cards I have received after the death of my father, George Hopping.  I was honored to have his photo and obituary included in this bulletin three weeks ago.  It is an honor to be his son.  He was a good Christian man.  He had a lot of real-life wisdom to share.  For example:  At grandma and grandpa’s house he pointed out the neighbors, the Wanos, a Japanese family with whose sons he had grown up.  He continued saying that during the war in the Pacific Ocean, he had been trained to hate all Japanese, to kill them, but after the war it was necessary to return back to peaceful living.  He concluded:  “Don’t hate anyone.  Today’s enemy can become tomorrow’s ally and friend.”  This teaching matches the teaching of Jesus, but coming from Dad and his life experience, his words were unforgettable.

Thank you to our Office Manager, Fr. Boisaubin, and all who cared for our parish in my absence.

May Jesus Bless You This Week,

Fr. John-Paul