Third Sunday of Easter

April 18, 2021

Today we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter. Our celebration of the Lord’s victory over sin and death continues as once again we hear the Good News proclaimed. In today’s first reading from St. Luke’s Acts of the Apostles, Peter preaches in Jerusalem. His words speak of the betrayal of Jesus but whom God has glorified. Peter says, “Now I know brothers that you acted in ignorance, just as your leaders did.” His call is continuing the mission Jesus began as Peter tells the people, “Repent and be converted.” The second reading from the first Letter of St. John is comforting as he writes, “If anyone does sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous One.” Jesus by His death is the perfect expiation for not only each of us, but for the sins of the whole world. Today’s Gospel scene begins with the two disciples who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus recounting their experience. Suddenly the Risen Lord comes and stands in their midst. It is another post-Resurrection appearance. By now we would expect the apostles to recognize Jesus, but once again He needs to reassure them and encourage them. His familiar, “Peace be with you,” assure all of them of who He is. We hear that Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures as He had done for the two on the Emmaus road. Note the final words of today’s Gospel, “You are witnesses of these things.” We too are witnesses to the things Jesus said and did. By living these things with faith we daily bear witness to the Risen Lord in our midst.

Next weekend (April 24/25) we begin our Annual Catholic Appeal with a guest speaker at our masses who serves on the ACA Council. Please welcome Mr. John Schulte to St. Luke as he shares with us the importance of this annual appeal for the life and mission of our local Church. St. Luke parishioners have been very generous each year in reaching our annual goal.  Many thanks to one and all for doing whatever you are able to make the ACA campaign successful in the parish. In the past the ACA emergency fund has helped our parish with the purchase of the new A/C unit for the Church. This year the ACA office will be mailing pledge cards to all registered parishioners of our parish. When you receive your card, please take a moment to do three things; read about this year’s ACA campaign and the work we are able to accomplish; pray about what type of gift you are able to make toward this year’s goal; fill out your pledge card and turn it in either through the Sunday offering or to the Parish Office. Our faithful co-chairs, Dee Brockman and Felice Nighbor, will once again coordinate the pledges and keep us posted on our progress. I am grateful to Dee and Felice for their generous gift of time to the ACA once again this year.

This weekend we encourage you to “adopt” an Easter Flower and take it home. Almost all of our beautiful flowers can easily be planted in your home garden and hopefully will return next year. Once again, thank you to all who donated the Easter flowers in memory/honor this year. The Church has been beautiful.

Finally today, I was fortunate to get my first Covid vaccination through Mercy. Absolutely NO reaction. I had signed up many places and was beginning to wonder, but then I received a text from Mercy and it couldn’t have been easier. I will look forward to getting the 2nd shot and be part of the fully vaccinated. Please consider making it a priority to get vaccinated. 

God Bless! Happy Easter, Alleluia!

Please continue praying 3 Hail Marys.

Fr. Pete