The Luketonian ~ circa 1950

A little history for you…this excerpt is taken from The Luketonian that was published (and sent to all registered parishioners) in September 1950.

The Holy Mass

Suppose you are most anxious to get from God some great favor, and suppose He told St. Michael, the Archangel, to gather into one vast Cathedral: 1. All the millions of the faithful, bishops, priests, religious, etc., now on earth;  2. All the souls in purgatory;  3. All the millions of saints in heaven; and,  4.  All the millions of angels; and then, suppose that all these, with the Blessed Virgin at their head, were told to bow down in profound adoration before God, and with all the fervor they were capable of, to praise Him and to ask Him to grant you the favor you desire.  Consider what an immense amount of glory this would give to God, and what wonderful power it would have with Him!  Yet, the power of one single Mass is infinitely greater than all this.  And why?  Because in the Mass it is not angels and saints alone who pray for you: it is Jesus Christ Himself, and He not only prays for you but also offers up His merits that give infinitely more glory to God and are infinitely more powerful than the united prayers and offerings of all the angels and men, even if they were continued for all eternity.  We ought then to value the Mass above all things; we should never miss Mass when we have an opportunity of hearing it; we should try to hear it with the greatest attention and, most important of all, we should offer our prayers in union with the prayers of Christ; this will make them all-powerful. 

Ten reasons for Hearing Mass

The Mass is the best means we have:

  1. To render God the highest adoration.
  2. To thank Him for all His blessings.
  3. To obtain all the favors you desire.
  4. To shorten your own purgatory and that of others.
  5. To preserve you from all dangers to soul and body.
  6. To increase your store of sanctifying grace.
  7. At the hour of death the Masses you have heard will be your greatest consolation.
  8. Every Mass heard will go with you to judgement to plead for pardon for you.
  9. One Mass heard during life will do more good than many heard for you after death.
  10. Nothing is more powerful for bringing down God’s blessings on you for the day than to hear Mass; therefore try to hear Mass every day or as often as possible, and twice on Sundays.