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The Ascension of the Lord

May  28, 2017

Dear People of God,

It is just one half hour change to 7:30am Sunday, from 8:00am for the first Mass.  I sense many of our early Mass attendees will welcome a more fresh, early start to their Sundays with this time change.  The reason for this change, is that we have lost the help of Fr. Donald Anstoetter for the next two years  I heard compliments about his Masses here, and he is a popular professor at Kenrick-Glennon.  He will study for his doctorate degree in Chicago.  Afterwards, we do not know; perhaps we will have him back with us at that time?   This time change will enable me to celebrate our early Sunday Mass.

This Sunday, I announced that I have received, from Archbishop Carlson, his request that I transfer to St. Peter’s Parish in St. Charles.  As wonderful as St. Peter’s Parish may be, I will miss you all so much.  We have a human treasure with the history that we celebrated at our centennial Mass with Msgr. McCumber, and again at our Mass Mob.  I am grateful for the privilege to have met so many Lukers, yourselves, and former parishioners who told me their histories at our school.   Graduations, weddings, Baptisms, First Confessions, First Communions, Confirmations, and funerals, the whole pageant of our lives has passed in front of our beautiful St. Luke altar for the glory of God.  More later, closer to the goodbye date of June 27th.

I do not know him well, but Fr. Peter Blake is surely friendly and personable.  It was a joy to give him a tour of our parish when he dropped by two weeks ago.  He said compliments about our parish and rectory, so I think we are off to a good start with him.

All this said, it remains for us to continue our individual welcomes to visitors at Mass, and invitations to young adults, 19 to 99 years old (!) to join our faith sharing and support group, now changed to before the 10:30 am Mass, at 9:00am.  We DO have more new faces each Sunday, by the grace of God, and St. Therese’ intercession.  How wonderful it will be to fill up St. Luke’s pews in the future!  If we will do our part in prayer and action, this parish will be here, glorious and prosperous, for our next (bi-)centennial in 2117!

Please keep our repairs in your prayers.  It would be gracious to complete everything for the arrival of Fr. Blake.

St. Luke Pray For Us,

Fr. John-Paul


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