Super Sub Sandwich

…it is the Sandwich Beyond Compare!!

Over thirty years ago…it started in the kitchens of our “Super Luker Scout Parents”!   Home Baked Roast Beef! Onions…sliced to perfection in a “Luker” Dining Room (yes, the aroma filled the house for days). Lettuce…frozen overnight but rescued the next day with new fresh lettuce!!  Tomatoes, sliced to perfection in the school cafeteria…volunteer workers beyond compare and the Bread…yes, the Bread!  Freshly baked on The Hill and picked up by a Scout Parent and delivered at 6am to our “Super Luker” School assembly line.

The assembly began with the “Super Luker Workers” at 6am and continued through the morning until all orders were fulfilled.

It WAS A HUGE SUCCESS and the word spread…the next year…the orders doubled and the faithful Scout Parent Workers were at it again.

NOW…30+ YEARS LATER…the success of the “The Super Luker” continues!

Be on the “LUKER” Team and order for your Super Bowl Party.  You will be a “SUPER LUKER” forever!!!!   The “Original” 24” is $15 on or before January 21; $18 afterward. Sub includes Beef, Ham, Salami, American, Swiss-American cheeses, shredded lettuce-tomato-onion, and “Scout secret sauce” on the side.

Pickup is February 2 at St. Mary Magdalen in Brentwood between 1-3pm.


Mail check and order to: Troop 361, c/o Molly Hodge, 1264 Willow Creek Lane,  St. Louis, MO 63119

Or order and pay with PayPal online at

For more information please call Molly Hodge at 314-625-2036