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Pentecost Sunday

June 4, 2017

Dear People of God,

Please keep us in you prayers as we proceed with repairs to the church air conditioning system, and pay for our “stack” repair in the rectory.

Please welcome seminarian Steven Kalinowski to our parish.  He is getting a little on-site parish experience over his summer vacation.  Steve is talented musically and has a great sense of humor.  He is the new fellow, noticeable at Mass because he is tall, six foot three? or four?

I need your help.  We have a parish family that needs help with tuition for their children. The mother is in-between; so she has been unable to keep up with tuition costs at high school and middle school for the family children.  They attend Mass regularly and participate in the various ministries. They are roughly $4,500 behind on their tuition.  I asked the mother to work with the schools who recommended making monthly payments which would be fine, except there is no money for the monthly payments!  Until she is able to obtain new employment we, the parish family, could help them keep their children in catholic school by donating money, for tuition, to Donna in the front office.  I will donate $1000  Who will join me?

St. Luke Pray For Us,

Fr. John-Paul Hopping