Parish Registration


Did you know that demographic studies estimate that more than 1/3 of all Catholics are not registered in a parish? If you are not registered in our parish, please consider doing so.  Also, please encourage your friends and family to register!

Registering is important:

  • You are welcomed into the parish community. A community of love and generosity where people are always willing lend a helping hand…to be a friend…and to offer their unwavering support during difficult times.
  • If a parish doesn’t know who is out there, how can it adequately serve the needs of all – especially singles, divorced, or young families who may not see the need to register?
  • When the services of the Church are needed – such as for a wedding, baptism or funeral – it is easier if the person is registered.
  • Registered parishioners receive helpful information about our parish.

Registering is easy.  Go to our parish website and click on the link “Join St. Luke”…or call the parish office and Donna can assist you.


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