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Just Faith 2017-2018 ~ Be the Change

Just Faith 2017-2018

Be The Change

 Just Faith is an intensive, small group learning experience for people looking to deepen their commitment to care for the vulnerable in their community. Through study, direct experience, dialogue, speakers and prayer, participants explore glaring contemporary reality and its implications to their lives and the lives of the marginalized.

As Mahatma Ghandhi advised: “Be The Change You Seek In The World.”

Longtime St. Luke parishioner Anthony Wippold will be co-facilitating the upcoming Just Faith program at the College Church of St. Louis University in September. For further details contact Anthony at 314-721-7465 or or go to or consider attending an information session after the 8:00 and 10:30 am masses in the College Church ballroom on Sunday, July 23rd and Sunday, August 20th.