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I Thank God for You

Our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we find every time we gather together to celebrate the Eucharist, calls us to send us to meet others. I have come to you, and you never cease to welcome me because I am really yours. Your kindness and generosity to me are an opportunity to realize how the high quality of your faith is. I return to the Congo testify of your faith with your brothers and sisters in DR of the Congo, I must thank everyone very warmly.

Thank you so much, Fr. Peter Blake, for your very fraternal welcome. I will certainly miss the smell of your cigar but I will always remember the joyful moments spent with our friends Maggie, Hilda and Carlson, especially the breakfast I was giving them…

I deeply thank you, Donna Mueller, for your availability to make my stay pleasant. Thanks to Mark, your husband, with whom you came to pick me up very late at night from the airport.

Thank you everybody, and for all of you, I thank God for putting you on my way.

Fr. Emmanuel Luhumbu

Diocese of Kole (Sankuru, DR of the Congo)