Helping Those in Need

A million thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously to our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society. Because of your support and the support of our benefactors we have been able to help so many in our community as evidenced by the numbers below. All of you are a living testament to God’s love and mercy and SVDP could not carry out their mission without your support! Please continue to help us help our neighbors in need.



Electric Assistance (41 people) $8,584.22

Gas Assistance (21 people) $4,532.09

Other Utilities $415.55

Rental Assistance (29 people) $15,634.00

Food Vouchers $2,543.93

Furniture Vouchers $1,148.94

Medicine $47.00

Repairs $105.00

Twinning $1,100.00

Other $1,050.50

Total $35,161.23



Parish $14,501.75

Benefactors $2,355.00

Total $16,856.75


We greatly appreciate your continued support!!