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God’s Beauty in Each of Us

As I reflect on this Lenten journey I continue to be reminded of the beauty of all of God’s creations. I continue to be reminded that the smallest gesture reaps more JOY than one could imagine. Please take the time this Easter Season to be God’s hand to someone in need; to be God’s love to someone who is grieving; to be God’s mercy to someone who is hurting; and to be God’s voice to someone who is lost. Each of us were created by God for a specific mission in our lives; it is incumbent upon us to pray to God for direction and to discern our mission for His greater glory. When you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something…DO IT! I promise you will not regret it!! If you feel like you lack a purpose in your life ~ serve others in any way that you can ~ there are so many ways to serve others…every single day! Write a note to a friend with whom you have lost contact; bring your neighbor’s newspaper to the front door; pray for your “enemy”; write a thank you note to your mom and dad; disconnect from your electronics and REALLY be WITH your children, REALLY LISTEN to them! Life is short. Life is precious. You can change someone’s life by being you…the you that God created you to be!   What a gift we have each been given! ~ Donna Mueller