Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission involves itself in personal and social justice ministry through direct service, legislative advocacy, and educational programs.  It works with other groups in implementing projects.  Contact:  Dianne Burpee, 314-645-8066.


Giving Tree

Advent Angels are sponsored once a year at Christmas and a “Tree of Hope” is sponsored at Easter. These are direct service projects which benefit the needy, both in our own area and the inner city. Contact:  Dianne Burpee, 645-8066.

Pro-Life Committee

The Pro Life Committee operates within the guidelines of the Archdiocese Pro Life Committee. It promotes activities on the parish level to increase awareness of and understanding of community issues dealing with abortion, euthanasia, and other quality of life issues. Contact: Dianne Burpee, 645-8066.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands members are those who are willing to help in a concrete way when fellow parishioners need meals or other TLC at times of illness, a family member’s death, or other circumstances (new baby, etc.) when they may need support and have no one close to help them. Contact: Dianne Burpee, 645-8066.