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Fr. John-Paul’s Farewell Gathering ~ June 25, 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017 @ 11:30am

St. Joseph Room ~ Coffee & Donuts

Please join us as we say farewell to Fr. John-Paul. It is with a heavy heart that we plan this gathering to honor Fr. and all that he has done for the parish and community of St. Luke.

Hopefully, last week’s bulletin shed some light on some of Fr’s humble ways and exemplified his gift of serving others. As I shared last week, there are so many instances that I have witnessed over the past (nearly) two years. He welcomed me with open arms in August 2015 in the same way he has welcomed every single person who has walked through the doors of St. Luke ~ with love, faith, humility, and a passion for Christ. If you are a child of God (which we ALL are) he gave you the care and attention you needed.

For all of the homeless and destitute who have come to our rectory doors ~ he counseled them, anointed them, personally assisted them with food and housing ~ he was the face of Christ to them. Fr. always told me it’s better to do good along the way so you don’t find yourself “cramming for the final exam” in the latter days of your life. He could not have set a better example for me to follow. I will forever be grateful for all that he has taught me ~ about the Catholic faith and about living the Catholic faith.

For all of the repair personnel, delivery personnel, and anyone else servicing our needs at the parish and the church ~ Fr. always greeted them, asked them their name, asked them about their family, and always took an interest in how they were doing…how they were really doing…he truly cared and it showed! If they were having a rough day or they had fallen on hard times ~ he always lifted their spirits and reminded them that God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

For all of our young adults ~ single, engaged, married, young parents, etc. ~ Fr. is your biggest fan! His delight is in witnessing your journey to Christ ~ your family’s journey to Christ! You filled his soul in ways you will never know. Your biggest gift to him as he journeys to St. Peter is to “Let Your Light Shine!” in ways that will change the world. Be Christ to all you meet!

For all of our Lukers ~ Fr. loved listening to your stories about the “good ‘ol days”; the history of the parish; and the importance of the parish to you and your loved ones. Nothing made him more proud than to carry the legacy of St. Luke into the next century. It was his mission to build up the parish…and, one day, re-open the school! While he is technically a St. Luke toddler (only here for 2 years) J ~ his love for the parish and community is beyond comprehension. By all accounts, one would’ve thought his roots were deep in this parish; another true testament to his love and dedication to St. Luke’s.

For all of our parishioners (past and present), family, friends, and neighbors ~ your presence at Mass fills Fr.’s soul and ignites the Holy Spirit in him and in his works. You inspire him to do more; to give more; and to love more. Fr. John-Paul will be the first to tell you that his successes are your successes ~ he could not have made this journey without each and every one of you. St. Luke the Evangelist is alive and well…thanks to Fr. John-Paul AND to all of you! ~ Donna