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PLEASE JOIN US as we say farewell to Fr. John-Paul

Sunday, June 25, 2017 @ 11:30am  in the St. Joseph Room

Please join us as we say farewell to Fr. John-Paul. It is with a heavy heart that we plan this gathering to honor Fr. and all that he has done for the parish and community of St. Luke.

We are most grateful for his frugal ways ~ for he took a parish that was very much in the red and turned it around in one year. He sacrificed a lot on his own so the parish would not take on additional expenses.

Fr. John-Paul is very handy and has tackled many projects in the rectory, sacristy, and church. Did you know that he helped Amir scrub the top step of the altar (prior to the Mass Mob)? Fr. does not know that I snapped these photos. I took them because I was so impressed by his humility and his love for our church. I thought they would come in handy…one day. I see all of the things that he does, out of love, that most of you do not see nor do you even know because he doesn’t want any fanfare. In his mind, he is an ordinary person ~ just like the rest of us; but I am here to tell you that he is far from ordinary.

My first winter working for your parish, on a brutally cold day, a homeless person came to the rectory. He asked to talk to Fr., and as Fr. always does, he made time for him. Fr. not only took care of his emotional needs he gave him some of his own money AND his winter coat. The gentleman walked out of the rectory with a black coat on (which he did not have when he came to us). I immediately noticed that it was Father’s coat. As he went out the front door, I went to the kitchen and asked Fr. if he gave him his coat. He, very matter-of-factly, said: “Yes, I gave him my coat. I don’t like winter anyway.” Fr. saw nothing special about what he had done. I learned very early on how special Fr. John-Paul is and how fortunate I was to work for him and to be a part of his mission, Christ’s mission.

There are countless stories like the two above ~ proving that he is far from ordinary. Fr. John-Paul is a true witness to Christ’s love and mercy. He exemplifies it in his every day living. I have deeply enjoyed working for him and with him and I am so very sad to see him go. St. Peter is so fortunate to have him; I pray that they will welcome him and they will embrace his loving and caring nature. There is no doubt that he will help heal the wounds in that parish and community. Lord knows he has done amazing work at St. Luke.

~ Donna




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