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Farewell to Fr. John-Paul

PLEASE JOIN US as we say farewell to Fr. John-Paul

Sunday, June 25, 2017 @ 11:30am

St. Joseph Room ~ Coffee & Donuts


Please join us as we say farewell to Fr. John-Paul. It is with a heavy heart that we plan this gathering to honor Fr. and all that he has done for the parish and community of St. Luke.

In one short week Fr. John-Paul will be moving on to his next parish and transforming the hearts and minds of the faithful in St. Charles. As I continue to reflect on the many blessings in my life because of my relationship with Fr. John-Paul I am overcome with tears of joy (and, selfishly, tears of sadness…more to come on that next week).

Tears of JOY because he is a beautiful, living example of a life of JOY! Jesus first; Others second; Yourself third. The parish of St. Luke embodies that way of living ~ Jesus first; Others second; Yourself third. Fr. John-Paul has been a wonderful example, not only to myself but to all of you. As I shared with you last week, he is an example to everyone who walks through our doors ~ an example of how to live a life with Christ in him. JOY because he never hesitates to anoint me (with my myriad of health challenges) or my husband (with his myriad of broken bones, etc.). He has never hesitated to anoint anyone in need. Barnes and St. Mary’s will call the rectory, usually out of desperation, and he always drops everything and anything that he is doing (including eating his breakfast) to serve the sick and their families.

JOY because Fr. John-Paul firmly believes that he not only represents Christ, but he represents the Catholic Church. Everything he does, he does knowing that his actions are a reflection of Christ and the Church. He understands that he could be the missing link in someone’s life ~ his words and/or actions could be the catalyst to bring them home. In contrast to that ~ Fr. is also acutely aware that his words and/or actions could drive someone away from Christ and/or the Church. So many souls searching to fill the void in their hearts and in their lives. Fr. John-Paul knows all too well that nothing can fill the void except Jesus. He knows all to well that true JOY is found in Christ ~ in His love, His mercy, and His grace.

JOY because Fr.’s mission in life is to get each one of us to heaven; to do whatever he can to strengthen our relationship with Jesus; and to be the face of Christ to us and to all who come his way. We both believed deeply in our mission, Christ’s mission, at St. Luke! While life is not without challenges (sometimes daily) Fr. John-Paul seems to take it all in stride. Fr.’s devotion to his vocation is a beautiful sight to behold. I will always have a special place in my heart for Fr. John-Paul. So grateful that God chose me to work for Fr. and St. Luke. I pray that Fr. Pete and I can continue doing our part to grow the parish and that Fr. John-Paul will find peace and JOY in his new home at St. Peter.   He trusts in God’s plan. We need to trust in God’s plan. Jesus, I trust in You. ~ Donna