Easter Sunday

March 27, 2016

Dear People of God,

“Christ is Risen! Indeed He is risen!”  These are the joyful words of Easter greeting our spiritual ancestors gave to each other in the first centuries.  With Jesus’ resurrection, everything changed.  The ancient fear of death changed to joy of sharing Jesus’ jubilant, victorious life in Heaven.  Oh what happiness to be in that place of endless love, to have the intimacy our hearts have craved since we were children, to be where it does not end.  With all the people who have loved the Lord in all centuries, all of us together around the Lord Jesus, this will be a joy which we have seen only far off.  “Happy Easter!” we say to each other in anticipation of Heaven.  Let us all eat something special today to make our joy physical; candy for little ones, eggs for them and us and other delicacies as well.  May this be the happiest day of the year!

On behalf of Fr. Tony and Deacon Dave, we wish to thank everyone who worked so hard to make our Holy Week worship so beautiful.  Thank you to the music ministers who rehearsed for hours, and the cleaning crew who spent a morning two Saturdays ago cleaning every pew and confessional.  Immaculate Conception parish thanks our parishioners who went down the street to enjoy their new I.C. fish fry.  Little Flower parish thanks us as well for visiting their fish fry.  Thank you to everyone who has invited a neighbor or a friend to visit us, and perhaps become a parish member.

We would like to thank Rich and Sally Kurz for the new and improved website that will be coming your way soon; we hope to roll it out by mid-April!  Rich and Sally updated our parish website out of the goodness of their hearts and we deeply appreciate their time and resources that they have generously given to us!

We will keep you informed of the roll-out date via the bulletin as well as our parish news email blasts. If you want to be included on receiving the latest news via email, please contact Donna so she can add you to our growing group!

I Thank God For All Of You!

Fr. John-Paul