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Easter Sunday

April 16, 2017

Dear People of God,

Christ is risen! Indeed He is arisen!  What beautiful words that banish our disappointments, worries and fatigue!  Our most basic needs are satisfied in these words.  Eternal, heavenly life with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with every joy imaginable.  What a future awaits us!  Happy Easter to you and your family!

We think of Our Lord, as he lived among us quietly, the carpenter’s son, Mary’s boy who nobody really noticed, until something happened:  the miracles, Good Friday and Sunday resurrection and then His importance became apparent, the purpose and value of His life became real.  Something similar, though on a smaller scale has been happening in our parish.  Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly last weekend ran an article, “Religious and lay people dedicate their lives to God,” which presented biographies of individuals who have turned to the Lord such that they took religious vows for life to serve Jesus.  I enjoyed reading about Linda Ann Long, a Consecrated Virgin who, though busy with her cardiology work in Woodbury Minnesota, wanted something more.  She described herself as married to Jesus.  After reading her article and enjoying her smiling photograph, I turned the page to see our own parishioner, Dr. Cara Buskmiller!  She is a Consecrated Virgin who prays Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, the other prayers as time permits and attends Mass whenever she can.  For the rest of her day she is an ob-gyn resident at St. Mary’s Hospital.  These individuals are r-a-r-e in our society and so we are privileged to have such a person in our midst, a powerhouse of prayer for the glory of God, and intercessor for all of us. When we get to heaven, then we will be amazed to see the good these consecrated souls have done for us.  Congratulations, Dr. Cara!

Congratulations to our RCIA participants and team members.  Thank you to our volunteers for making our church beautiful and our music heavenly!

We are all on our way to Heaven with Jesus and the ones who love Him.  We do not live our lives for no purpose, but to glorify the Most Holy Trinity and share that same divine life here now, and there forever.

Happy Easter,

Fr. John-Paul