Do Your Children See You Give?

Every parent wants to raise children who share and give generously. When our children someday meet God face to face we want to know that they will hear Jesus say to them the same words the master said to those who used their talents wisely, “Well done, my good and faithful servant…Come, share your master’s joy.” (Matt 25:21)

However, raising a generous child is a challenge in a society that constantly teaches children to want more and more things for themselves. One of the key factors in teaching children to be generous is to let them see you giving. After all, children mimic what they see, not what they hear.

Today, many donations to the parish Offertory may be made electronically, monthly, quarterly, or via mail. Thus, children may never actually see their parents give. A child who never sees a parent place an envelope in the Offertory could grow up thinking, “My parents never gave any support to the Church. Why should I?”

Therefore, it is important that parents talk with children about the charitable gifts the family makes. If you would like to increase your giving you might even ask your kids about ways the family budget could be adjusted so that there is more to share with God. Their suggestions might surprise you!


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