Divine Mercy Sunday

April 28, 2019

Today we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter or The Sunday of Divine Mercy. After our glorious celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection we continue for the next six weeks to bask in the light of Easter joy. In addition to the glory and splendor of the Risen Christ, this joyful season can also grant us the blessing of peace. “Peace be with you” is a common greeting of the Risen Jesus. In this week’s Gospel, Jesus enters a room where the apostles are gathered in fear and says, “Peace be with you.” He comes to alleviate any doubt or fear. He breathes on them and shares His spirit, the Holy Spirit with them. They are not alone, for now He is with them and within them. They are changed. Words and touch also change Thomas. Out of his doubt comes the faith-filled proclamation, “My Lord and my God.” The words of our readings throughout the Easter season are given to us to touch us with the Holy Spirit, offer peace, and deepen our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. Let us listen to these words and experience the presence of the Risen Christ in our midst. We are never alone. Jesus is with us to calm our fears, bring us healing, and empower us to invite others to discover Him and proclaim with Thomas, “My Lord and my God.”

I want to take another opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all who had a part in making our Holy Week and Easter celebrations beautiful and spiritually enriching. First, to the ladies who made the new Easter wreaths and decorations and helped set out the Easter flowers. Second, to all who made donations to the Easter Memorial Flower Fund, allowing our Church to look like a victory garden. Third, to our lectors, ushers and communion ministers for assisting with these ministries. Fourth, to our organist and singers for all their hard work and uplifting music. To Msgr. Morris for his cooperation in coordinating the Oratory schedule with our parish celebrations. And finally to our adult servers and Deacon Dave for their presence throughout the Triduum. It was definitely a joy to celebrate these “High Holy Days!” with all of you. And finally, a word of thanks to all who were so kind to be Easter bunnies and leave their pastor some chocolate. I assure you, I have been enjoying it all!

This past Wednesday the RCIA team and newly initiated members of our parish gathered for a pot-luck celebration of the end another great Journey of Faith program. We had a lot of fun throughout the year seeing faith develop in our candidates and the look of great joy on their faces as they joined the Catholic faith. We were fortunate this year to have three in our program, and the addition of a fourth for the Sacraments on Holy Saturday. Our RCIA program will begin again in September. Now is a good time to share this program with those who may be looking for a spiritual home; family, neighbors, local coworkers. Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ.

As we enter the Easter season and prepare for the great feast of Pentecost I want to draw your attention to our need for three new members for the Parish Council. On Pentecost Sunday we will select three new members and two alternates for a three-year term on the Parish Council to replace three outgoing members. The Parish councilors and counselors represent the entire parish community and are charged to work to address our parish needs. In their advisory role to me they are invaluable eyes and ears for the parish. Pray about it. Think about it. Is now the time to offer your time and talents to our parish by being placed in nomination for a position on the council?

Finally today, we will enter the month of May this coming Wednesday. May 1st is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Let us remember the man who taught Jesus His skills and as a foster father, helped Him to grow in wisdom and grace. May is a special month of remembering the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord. The Rosary is a fitting way to honor both of them as we reflect on the mysteries of Jesus’ life. Pray and ask her intercession for what you need. Mary brings our prayers to her Divine Son. She does this because she is our mother too and watches over us with a maternal love. 

God Bless! Happy Eastertide!

Remember those 3 Hail Marys (Fr. Pete)