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Did You Know?

Just a few helpful hints when it comes to your weekly giving. Did you know that if you miss giving one (or more) week(s) you do not need to use multiple envelopes the next week to catch up? All of your donations are applied to the week that you give (not to the week that is dated on the envelope you use). For instance, if you usually give $50/week and you are out of town two weeks in a row you do not need to write three separate checks to catch up on your giving. You can write one ($150) check to catch up on the previous two weeks (as well as the current week) and put it in the envelope for the most current week. When I enter the contributions they all have to be entered based on the date/weekend that we receive the donation ~ NOT the date/week that is on the envelope.

Also, for those of you who would prefer to write one check for the various envelopes for any given weekend, you can do that too. I would enter it as a split transaction so the appropriate funds are applied to the corresponding accounts. If you opt to do that ~ you must let us know (memo line, etc.) how much should be applied to each fund…otherwise, the total amount of the check will be applied to the envelope that you use.

Our weekly envelopes now have a line for your check number! When entering your contributions I include the check number (when it is available)…hopefully this will help you verify your contributions at year end!   Please help us help you by (CLEARLY) writing your check number on your envelope each week. Please call Donna in the parish office if you have any questions.