Do you go to church every Sunday? You can go to church every Sunday and be a FAN of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is looking for DISCIPLES. In order to be a disciple ~ it is important for you to get involved at Mass. It is not enough to just come to church…those who just attend and get their “card punched” are fans.   Jesus is not interested in more fans…He is interested in disciples.

For us to truly be a disciple WE HAVE TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE OF JESUS THROUGH PRAYER. We need to have an intimacy of prayer every day of our lives (more listening than talking). God wants us to LOVE one another. LOVE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE WHO LIVES THEIR LIFE FOR OTHERS; they are generous with their time, their gifts, and their treasure. If you can sing – sing in the choir; if you can read – become a lector. Use the gifts that God has given you. Do you use the gifts for yourself or to build up the body of Christ? What do you do in the parish to build up the body? Jesus wants you to use the gifts He gave you to build up His body. BOLDLY PROCLAIM JESUS. Ask the Holy Spirit to use you every day to bring people to Jesus. You can witness to Jesus without saying a word. You can leave a prayer card for someone; you open their heart to receive Jesus.

Jesus wants us to glorify the Father by being a disciple.   We have to have an experience of Jesus through prayer; we have to be a person who lives that experience through love; and we have to share Jesus with everyone He calls us to share Him with.

Please contact the rectory office if you are interested in enriching your faith life and want to become involved and more engaged at Mass as a Greeter, Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Choir Member, Children’s Liturgist, etc.