Another Look at Contraception

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To some, the Catholic Church’s consistent teaching against birth control may seem outdated. Yet with each passing year, evidence of contraception’s negative consequences keeps piling up.

In the time since birth control first became widely used, science has shown that some contraceptives can cause early abortions; procured abortions and nonmarital births skyrocketed; and women have been subjected to sometimes serious or fatal health issues, as well as what economist George Akerlof calls “the feminization of poverty.”*

As humans made in God’s image, we are called to imitate His generous, sacrificial, life-giving, and eternal love. Through the Church’s teaching, He invites us to a fuller, richer, deeper way of life and love.

*(Full citation at This is a summary of a USCCB Respect Life Program article by the same name and is reprinted with permission, © 2018, USCCB, Washington, D.C. All rights reserved.