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An Angel Among Us

Barbara Redington, a longtime parishioner of St. Luke entered the Carmelite Monastery last year. She sent us the following email and asked that we share it with all of you. We hope some of you will be able to attend. We are most proud of Barbara and so grateful for her prayers and her sacrifice as she dedicates her life to God.

“I will be receiving my habit on Saturday, June 17th.  While the actual ceremony takes place inside the cloister, it is followed by the regular 7:30 am Mass, during which I will have a special seat near the front of the grille and be wearing a little crown of flowers.

Also, afterwards I will be able to visit with people in one of our parlors, the large one where the nuns can visit with people during some nights of the novena. It would be great if anybody could make it.

The novena this year is July 8-16, and Monsignor Timothy Cronin will be giving the homily every night, with different priests celebrating the Masses.”