A Note of Thanks…

We wanted to share the note we received for all of the fabric and cloth that you graciously donated.  

As we move to the close of one of the most challenging years that any of us can recall, it is important, despite what we have been through, to remember there is still a great deal to be thankful for. 

We have witnessed many great acts of love and kindness.  As people of faith, we remain hopeful through the Holy Spirit, to continue the reconciling and healing ministry of Jesus. 

The Immigrant and Refugee Ministry of St. Pius V and its volunteers are extremely thankful for the generosity of its donors, benefactors and supporters.  Your acts of kindness and charity make our work possible.  Please keep this ministry in your hearts and prayers.  Best wishes to everyone for the holidays and New Year ahead.   

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Leslie Dao

Immigrant and Refugee Ministry