A Multitude of Gratitude!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed so generously to the collection we had for school supplies for Our Lady of Guadalupe! Thanks to all of you, it was a big success!!

WE collected over 6750 sheets of loose leaf paper; 38 spiral notebooks; 30 composition notebooks; 60 pocket folders; 3300 index cards; 76 glue sticks; 19 bottles of glue; 1352 crayons; 396 colored pencils; 30 markers; 24 expo markers; 267 erasers; 492 pencils; 278 pens; 42 sharpies; 46 highlighters; 42 Ziploc bags; 54 scissors; 24 rulers; 2 pencil sharpeners; 2,528 sticky notes; 11 3-ring binders; AND MUCH MORE!!

Thank you to each and every one of you who sacrificed your time and money for the school children and teachers at Our Lady of Guadalupe. They are very grateful for your generosity and so are we!