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6th Sunday of Easter

May 14, 2017

Dear People of God,

We are moving into summer, enjoying the moderate temperatures as we proceed to repair our church chiller, part of the refrigeration system.  We received an estimate from American Boiler for an exact replacement of the existing chiller, $55,000; they are looking at other chillers to give us some choices.  We will have more information for you soon.  In the mean time, thank you goes to everyone who contributes to St. Luke.  Every dollar is a help!  With modest temperatures now, this is probably the best time of year to work on the air conditioning, so we thank God for this favor.

Our stack replacement (plumbing) project in the rectory goes slowly, since one of the Cordia Plumbing workers injured himself at another location.  The Cordia plumbers impress us with their courtesy and cleanliness even though this is a big, messy project.  Anyone who would like to see the work is welcome to drop by the St. Joseph (basement) room or visit the restroom/office wall on the first floor.  In the mean time, we do have functioning plumbing on the east side of the building for visitors, workers, and myself.  We are “ok”.

Our parish buildings are treasures.  We hope to freshen and maintain cabinets, pews, floors, doors etc. such that we can be proud of our church and attract more parishioners.  With some help from yours truly, Amir (our maintenance man) has been refinishing church cabinetry and the bathroom door in the right side Altar Server Sacristy.  We are not finished, but the “beat up,” neglected look is gone.  We want that room to be appealing to its users:  wedding parties, Music Ministers, Altar Servers and ourselves; no longer an eyesore.

For your information, on the north side of the church property we have planted a small (dwarf) sweet cherry tree, maybe two feet tall now, and not too far away is a blackberry plant, the latest variety, Prime Ark which should produce berries for you to pick and eat after Mass, when in season.  The berry bush just bloomed, so things look good.  Come out to see them if you wish after Mass.  For the record, the parish spent no money on these plants.

May St. Luke Bless You and Your Family,

Fr. John-Paul


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