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6th Sunday of Easter

May 21, 2017

Dear People of God,

Regarding the air conditioning system,  we have a proposal from our current service provider for a chiller replacement priced at $55k, but we need two other bids to satisfy requirements for financial help from the archdiocese, so are pursuing those.  We do have funds to cover this cost, but it is wise not to deplete savings too much, especially if help is available.  The Annual Catholic Appeal would be the source for financial help.  Mr. Brian Niebrugge of the ACA told us by phone the maximum help would be $25k, if we qualify.  So, we are collecting financial statements from the last two years, and year-to-date this year for the application process.

Our rectory stack project is ready for drywall work to restore appearances, and the plumbing part, the flushing part is done, including one new toilet.  We will use the same worker who did such a good job on the vestibule bathroom remodel in the back of the church.  He is working other jobs currently, but will come to our project as soon as possible.

By the time you read this, I hope the cyber attack that has gone around the world, hijacking computer files, holding them hostage for money has finished.  We changed our computer services to Throttlenet just a few months ago, and we contacted them by phone, to verify our safety.  We expect to not suffer from this attack because we have updated programs, and malware prevention with current updates, thanks to them.  Never say “never,” but this is part of the payoff for going to a competent professional company.  On the news, I have heard that hospital surgeries were canceled in England, and airline tickets were lost here in the USA, thanks to these criminals.  A note to ourselves, can we see the importance of good religious values such as “Do not steal;” from the Ten Commandments?  Can we see the importance of going to church?  If everyone respected God, this would not happen.  Teach this to your children and grandchildren please:  Christianity and morality is necessary for decent, civilized living.  Without God, things get ugly fast!      

May St. Michael Protect Your Family, and Our Parish Family,

Fr. John-Paul



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