5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 7, 2021

Today we celebrate the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time. As a community of faith we gather this Sunday to “Praise the Lord who heals the broken hearted.” As we listen to today’s first reading from the Book of Job we wonder if there was ever a man more broken-hearted than Job. Listen to the words, ‘drudgery’, ‘slave’, ‘misery’, ‘restlessness’. He is pretty down-in-the-dumps as some say. He is in the midst of trial and is surely broken. But we remember the end of Job’s story. Because of his fidelity to the Lord he is restored, healed, and blessed. Our Gospel for this Sunday has Jesus once again in Capernaum. Just a few yards from the synagogue He enters the home of Simon Peter and discovers Peter’s mother-in-law is sick. We hear one of St. Mark’s favorite words, ‘Immediately.’ The Apostles tell Jesus about her and He ‘immediately’ goes to her and heals her. News must have spread quickly because we’re told that by evening the whole town had gathered at the door with sick, and possessed, and He healed them. The next day the disciples find Jesus, who had gotten up early and gone to pray, to put all into perspective, and then said, “Let us move on to nearby villages that I may preach there too. For this purpose have I come.” He is on mission to proclaim the Kingdom and bring healing to the broken-hearted. And His mission continues in our midst today. He continues to preach to us about the Kingdom being at hand. He invites us to come to Him when we feel like Job. He invites to gather at the door to find Him ready to heal all our infirmities. “Come to me all ye that are burdened and heavy laden and I will refresh you.”

So, Super Bowl LV! Although a big Patriots fan, this year I am not transferring allegiance to Tampa Bay with Brady. No, as a good Missourian for over 47 years I am rooting for KC and the Chiefs. May the youngster in KC do well and may Brady be humbled. Amen.

I want to take a minute this weekend to highlight the work being done in the parish by our Parish Council and Evangelization Committee. Most of us may have read our Parish Mission Statement at some point. It is in our annual Parish Directory. It spells out three keys to who we are as a parish under three headings; To Worship, To Evangelize, and To Support. A Mission statement is meant to be a document that says who we are, what we strive to do, and how we hope to achieve these. The current statement is a good working one, but difficult to remember and incorporate in our daily lives. The Parish Council, with the help of the Evangelization Committee has begun to review our Mission Statement to revise, update, and reflect our current purpose and vision. The combined wisdom of these two groups are producing good discussions and I look forward to its fruit in the near future. As soon as a draft is ready we will share it with all parishioners for your feedback.

Finally today, while I am enjoying a brief getaway with a few of my brother priests and the Bishop of Knoxville, I am praying for all Lukers at daily Mass and hope you will do the same. As we celebrate Mass together and share our ministries, the time away is a good opportunity to renew our priestly fraternity and support one another. Again, many thanks to Msgr. Morris for covering masses this weekend.

God Bless! Make it a great week!

Please continue praying 3 Hail Marys.

Fr. Pete