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4th Sunday of Easter

May 7, 2017

Dear People of God,

Just before Easter, we hosted a visit from the other churches in Richmond Heights to get to know each other.  We presented an introduction to Stations of the Cross, and then went downstairs for sandwiches and conversation.  Apparently, with each visit to the different churches, the attendance went up, and the project finished on a positive note.  I just returned from a meeting with three other ministers and Mayor Thomson where we discussed some kind of follow-up.  We are planning a group picnic for August with the idea of attracting people passing by so that we can get to know them.  If you would enjoy participating in something like this, get to me after Mass so that I can write down your name.

We are waiting for a total project cost estimate from American Boiler to repair a major cooling component of the equipment located on the school side of the church roof.  Joe, our service technician, was shaking his head  with a sad expression as he told me that the company would write up a proposal which generally means the dollar amount is big.   So let us say our prayers that this project cost will be affordable.  That said, one of our newer parishioners gave me a card with a nice note, and a check for $1000 to get our system repaired.  God bless her!

In the mean time, we continue maintenance of our parish, with replacement of the sewer stack on the west side of the rectory.  It goes slowly, but when done, our rectory will be completely usable as before.  Continuing the sprucing up of our beloved church building, Amir is doing good work on the Altar Server side sacristy, while I repair the finish on the cabinet tops in the priest-side sacristy. We want people, wedding visitors and others, to be impressed with the pride we take in our church; such that God’s goodness becomes more real to them, and perhaps they would choose to join RCIA, or just come back to church on Sunday.  Did everyone notice the beautiful daffodils that bloomed for Easter?  Thank you goes to our contributors and volunteers who planted them last year!  We want our parish to be the jewel of the area!

May Jesus and Mary Bless You,

Fr. John-Paul


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