40 Days for Life

The folks who run this program tell us that there are many “holes” in the schedule throughout the remainder of this session. Many days have just a few one-hour time slots here and there that aren’t filled.   Instead of adopting a parish day, we are asking our participants to fill in some open spots where they can. We encourage you to call Coalition for Life at (314) 827-4039 to see if there is an empty hour that you can fill.   You are also welcome to go and participate without having signed up whenever it fits into your schedule.

Planned Parenthood is at the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Boyle in the Central West End. 40 Days for Life runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week through November 1st. Signs are provided there and you can bring a folding chair if needed.

If you’ve never participated before and would like more information, please call Dianne Burpee at (314) 645-8066, or contact Coalition for Life at the number given above.

Please consider giving an hour of your time to help end abortion in St. Louis!