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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 19, 2017

Dear People of God,

Today we celebrate the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. This is the next to the last Sunday of the Church Year. Next Sunday’s celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe climaxes this year’s celebration of the Paschal Mystery and our growth in discipleship. Last week we heard the parable of the 10 virgins with the message of preparedness for the end time. This weekend’s Gospel focuses our attention on the “in between” time. Jesus’ parable of the man who entrusted His wealth to his servants and went on a journey of unknown length. To one he gives five talents, to one two, to a third, one. To two of the servants we hear commendation for good stewardship. To the one who buried the talent and didn’t use it, we hear condemnation. This parable reminds us that God has given some gift or gifts to all of us. What differentiates us is the use we use these gifts so that they flourish and become of even greater use to those around us. What are the gifts that God has given you? How do you make your gifts grow to give God thanks? Our hope is to hear those words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Whether we will or not depends on good stewardship of all God has given us.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving already. It’s an unofficial Holy Day, not of obligation, but certainly one of opportunity. As Americans it’s our day to pause and give thanks for all the abundant blessings we have. Mass on Thanksgiving Day will be at our holiday time of 9:00am. I hope many of you will begin your day with the greatest thanksgiving we as Catholics can make, the Eucharist (which means Thanksgiving.) A reminder that our collection on Thanksgiving Day goes to the work of our St. Vincent de Paul Society to help the needy in our neighborhoods. Please be generous as our SVDP works on behalf of all of us to bring comfort and help to those less fortunate.

Once again this weekend I want parishioners to know that we are always looking and encouraging parishioners to share their time and talent as New Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion here in our parish. If you enjoy the Scriptures and would like to join our “Proclaimers of the Word,” please contact me for more information. If you would like to share Jesus with your fellow parishioners by distributing Holy Communion at Mass please contact me. These two liturgical ministries are beautiful ways to share your Time and Talent for our community. I would like to see more parishioners taking part in these ministries.

I met with our Church decorating coordinators last week to discuss plans for our Christmas Church decorating. I am excited. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, December 17th beginning at 11:00am, right after 10:00 Mass to get the Church ready. I love the Christmas season and am looking forward to my first Christmas here at St. Luke’s. I imagine our already beautiful Church will be even more beautiful for the celebration of the birth of our Lord. Please consider lending a hand and being part of the Church decorating. Sunday, Dec. 17th, 11:00am.

Thank you to all who are regular contributors to the parish. I have made it my pastoral practice not to look at individual giving, but, like many of you, check our weekly stewardship giving. I am very grateful that we are able to do all we do through your generosity. When a pastor doesn’t have to constantly “talk” money, I think we are all happy. So, just a word of thanks!

Finally today: Just 2 weeks until our Mass schedule changes. Mark your calendars now and please spread the word. Confessions will also be moving from 6:30 to 4:15pm.

God Bless! Have a great week!

Remember those 3 Hail Marys (Fr. Pete)