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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 25, 2017

Dear People of God,

Next weekend, we will welcome Fr. Peter Blake, our new pastor, to St. Luke the Evangelist Parish.  Some of us met him last weekend at the 5:30 pm Mass, when he relieved me since I celebrated two weddings that day.  I think he wanted to get a look at all of us here at St. Luke; but in truth, I felt very tired from the two weddings and it was a blessing to take a rest.  He is that kind of guy.  We are blessed to have him with us.

We welcome donations for the new chiller.  Without invitation, good parishioners have donated $7,900 as you read this, and additional donations will keep our reserves where they should be for future repairs.  Roofers were advising me about small roof leaks, where they were and how soon they would need attention.  At some point in the not-too-distant future the whole roof will need replacement.  In summary, please continue to ask Jesus, St. Luke, and St. Therese the Little Flower to send us more parishioners.  Enough donating brothers and sisters with us in our pews, we can grow as the Father’s family and maintain this beautiful church building, for ourselves and future generations of Catholics.

Goodbye and thank you everyone!  What a privilege it has been to serve you in this beautiful church building.  What a joy to share  this holy place with Sunday Mass visitors, visitors to Baptisms and weddings.  We are fortunate, all of us, to be here for even a short time.  May God bless Msgr. Kennedy and Msgr. McMahon who prepared the way for us all.  To Donna, our so-personable Office Manager, who charmed all of us, and to her family; Deacon Dave and Kristina Osmack; the Owen family: Greg, Donna, Marie, Gloria, Friedrich and Charles in our music ministry and Altar Service, and all of our Altar Servers and their parents; Joe and Dee Meyer; Julie Schulte for organizing the Mass Mob and gardening, and seasonal altar decorations; special thanks to the Winters, Phil and Patricia: our wonderful Lectors; Eucharistic Ministers; Ushers; John Weiler and the Parish Council; Tom Kubsh with his custom edited financial statements and our Finance Council members; Rich and Dr. Sally Kurz for hosting our Sunday study and support sessions and all of our Young Adult group members; Ursula Hand and helpers for altar linens care, Wayne Hand for the delicious venison; Felice & John Nighbor, for all of their contributions at Mass and their help with the ACA & the weddings; Dee Brockman for all of her efforts with the ACA; Charlene Talir and Ann Deer for leading our Youth Faith Formation; Tim and Gale Day and  the Men’s Guild members for managing the athletic fields and the good advice and referrals; the Women’s Guild for their continued support and hospitality; our SVDP volunteers who give so much of their time to serve our community; Suzette DeValiere for housecleaning and meals; Mark Cockson for helping me with Friday Communion calls and filling in while Donna was on vacation; Paul Eigelberger for a million kindnesses; all the 8:00 am daily Mass Prayer Warriors; our anonymous donors to whom we are eternally grateful; Joe from American Boiler; Pat & Kathleen Dodd from Dawson Dodd. Thank you to everyone who supported our parish prayerfully and financially, that is to say, YOU!

Thank You St. Luke! Fr. John-Paul