24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 11, 2022

Today we celebrate the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time. This weekend’s Scriptures reveal to us a God who, despite our erring ways, loves us nonetheless. In today’s first reading from Exodus, we hear a conversation between Moses and God on Mount Horeb. It’s an interesting dialogue. As God speaks, He refers to Israel as Moses’ people. God says, “Go down at once to your people, whom you brought out of the land of Egypt, for they have become depraved.” Are they Moses’ people? They have indeed become depraved and are creating their own god out of gold, and God is not pleased. Moses implores God, “Why, O Lord, should Your wrath blaze up against Your own people, whom You brought out of the land of Egypt with such great power and with so strong an arm?” This dialogue is interesting because God and Moses are discussing the same people, but in reality, Israel is God’s Chosen people, fickle for sure, but His nonetheless. In this encounter God relents. Today’s Gospel parable, addressed to the scribes and Pharisees, who complain about Jesus’ choice of followers, is the classic story of us all; the Prodigal, who sometimes stray from the goodness of God. It reveals a Father who, despite our sins, is ready to welcome us home and even celebrates our return. This parable tells us much about our journeys. It reveals how sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to realize how good we’ve had it in the past. (The son is so hungry he longs to eat the pigs’ food.) It shows us the need for contrition and confession, saying, “I have sinned!” I am responsible for this situation, nobody else. But it also tells us about the God who waits for us, welcomes us, and celebrates our return. In our second reading from Paul’s Letter to Timothy, Paul confesses his past as a blasphemer, a persecutor who was arrogant and ignorant. It is by Christ’s grace that he was given mercy and now lives to proclaim to others. Good readings for meditation and reflection. None of us is beyond God’s abundant and amazing grace.

With us now past Labor Day, parish life begins to return to normal and meetings, activities, and regular events all begin to appear on our calendars. Thanks to our faithful Deacon for setting up the altar for Mass on the Grass, and our Women’s Guild for refreshments following Mass. Thanks to our Parish Council for providing Pretzels last Saturday, and Coffee and Donuts on Sunday. Parish fellowship and socializing is important as we strive to build community, get to know one another, and invite all parishioners to be active in the life of St. Luke’s. Throughout the year I look forward to many more of these opportunities for St. Luke’s parish.

This week, no updates to report on All Things New.  We’re still waiting to hear when our parish ‘Listening Sessions’ are to be held. Once again, I encourage every parishioner, young or old, to plan to attend one of these to both learn about the process thus far and have the chance to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns and hopes for our planning area. We continue to remain firm in faith and look forward in hope to whatever the Lord has in store for us.


God Bless! Have a great week!

Please continue praying 3 Hail Marys.

Fr. Pete