23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 8, 2019

Today we celebrate the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Our focus this weekend is on truly listening. In the same way we sometimes think that others are hearing us but not listening, God may likewise think the same; we hear, but don’t listen. Listening gives us a glimpse into the mind of our God. Pope Francis put it this way, “Listen to the Lord and others, and to reality itself, which always challenges us in ways.” (Evangelii Gaudium) As St. Paul asked Philemon to listen to his requests regarding Onesimus, listening to the Lord can set us against family, friends, or our preconceived thoughts which Jesus makes clear in today’s Gospel. Yet listen we must, to discover God’s counsel and path for our lives. Like the builder of the tower or the king marching into battle, we need direction to know where to go, how to live, and what to avoid in life. Once again, Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, notes that listening will always challenge us and call us to change ways of thinking, living, and seeing our world. St. Francis de Sales counsels that listening to God’s voice requires making time to pray with the scriptures, reflecting on the liturgy and study Church teaching. We also need to reflect on personal and communal life events, whether they comfort us or challenge us. When we turn our ear (and our heart) to all these sources we can meet God. There we discover what is useful and what isn’t, where God is present and where He is not. Take time to listen each day.

Thank you to all who helped with Mass on the Grass on Labor Day; Deacon Dave and Chris for setting up the altar, our faithful server, Howard, our readers, and of course our wonderful Women’s Guild for the refreshments. It was all a labor of love for God and one another.

September the 8th is the traditional birthday of the Blessed Mother. Today we honor her as we do all those who are important in our lives. On her birthday the best present you can give her is gratitude and prayer. For saying “yes” to God, for giving birth to our Redeemer, for living the life of a true disciple and example to us, for now interceding for us in Heaven, let us celebrate with grateful affection and gratitude to God for her being born and becoming our pattern of holiness and life.

This month we will be celebrating Stewardship Sunday. Every parish within our Archdiocese will be celebrating this weekend with the theme, “Grateful and Generous.” You will receive the annual Stewardship Report along with a covenant card to consider how you would like to share your gifts this year. On Stewardship Sunday, Sept. 22nd & 23rd, we will have a parishioner give a witness talk on Stewardship. On the following two Sundays we encourage ALL parishioners to turn in their covenant cards. More to follow.

Finally today, a word of thanks to all who are promoting our McMahon Fest thru social media and by word of mouth. The more the merrier. Let’s also pray for beautiful weather. (Blue sky in the BVM’s honor?)

God Bless! Have a good week!

Remember those 3 Hail Marys (Fr. Pete)