19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 7, 2016

Dear People  of God,

Our school supplies for Our Lady of Guadalupe school children are growing (in the rectory).  If you could see the happiness these crayons and supplies will bring the children (and teachers!) it would make you smile all day!   Thank you to all who donated!!

Thank you to everyone who offered prayers for me during my trip to St. Mary’s ER.  Thanks to your help, nothing suffered in the parishes, neither here at nor at Immaculate Conception.  Fr. Boisaubin celebrated daily Mass that Thursday, as always.  I called our Office Manager, Donna to open the church for him.  I am glad she lives nearby! I called Deacon Ken Clemmons at IC and he presided at a Communion Service in my place for the fifteen or so parishioners there.

Please receive a “praise report” that came out of my visit to the ER.  One of my blood pressure medications caused my tongue to swell, and swell until there was a choking hazard.  At two in the morning it was time to get help.  Fortunately, the doctor and staff at St. Mary’s Hospital knew exactly what was happening and what to do; they had two similar cases the day before where the patients had to lie down and accept plastic tubes down their throats in order to breathe.  They checked on me every ten to fifteen minutes after the three I.V. solutions were started, saying “It will take four or five hours before you notice any improvement.”  The swelling stabilized but I could hardly talk with everything so swollen in my mouth; thankfully I did not need the tube down my throat. The big turnaround came with the b-l-e-s-s-e-d Anointing of the Sick.  Once again, our intrepid Office Manager saved the day:  Donna Mueller called Fr. Larry Herzog, her pastor from Little Flower. He came to the cubicle where I was and quickly got to the anointing.  As soon as he made the Sign of the Cross, it seemed there was a royal presence with us, a grand consoling love which also contained hope.  This was a kind of spiritual “hug” from God, and it felt so good!  The first doctor (four cared for me over the night and morning)  and the nurses had counseled me that I would almost surely need to spend another night at St. Mary’s. After the anointing, the swelling went down f-a-s-t; every fifteen minutes brought a noticeable improvement.  Our Sacraments are real; they do spiritual and physical work.  I will remember this experience when I anoint you, dear parishioners, in hope that you receive rapid rescue as I did.

An Ear Nose and Throat doctor was so pleased with the progress that he discharged me early at (I think) two thirty Thursday afternoon.  Days following, I had two lessor swelling episodes in other places, but as long as I could breathe, the flare ups did not matter.

May Our Savior Bless You All This Week,

Fr. John-Paul