16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 19, 2020

Today we celebrate the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Our focus this weekend is “Who Knows?” We oftentimes don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to making judgments about others. God alone knows us and everyone else. We need to learn an important lesson: to see as God sees. In our first reading this weekend from the Book of Wisdom God is revealed as a God of unparalleled power ensuring that He does not need to explain or justify His mercy and compassion. In our second reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Paul reminds the people that through the Spirit they have become adopted children of God. The Spirit within each of them makes up for their human weakness and helps them intercede as pleases the Father. Our Gospel parable of the Weeds and the Wheat is Jesus’ way of illustrating the Kingdom of Heaven. On this side of eternity, we live in a mix of good and evil. Once again, our all powerful God is able to sort out the sinners and the saints; judgment is His because He alone sees as no one else can, and holds out for potential repentance. The other two parables in this weekend’s Gospel remind us that God’s Kingdom works in small, hidden, and unlikely ways that we can often not appreciate. Like God, we are invited, as His sons and daughters, to practice mercy and forgiveness.

The Annual Catholic Appeal continues through July. We are nearing the 50% mark of achieving our goal. Thank you to all who made their annual pledges. As pastor I will never ask you to do anything I won’t do myself. I turned in my pledge card last week. By God’s grace I was able to make a slight increase from last year. As I wrote last week, this year is a critical one for the ACA due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please be as generous as your means allow.

Through the generosity of the Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine, two seminarians were hired this summer to accomplish several projects around the campus. The breezeway from the Rectory and Church was in need of ceiling repairs and a fresh coat of paint. New light fixtures were also purchased. This past week the two young men repaired the ceiling in the main Sacristy, installed a new fan with more lighting and painted both the Sacristy and hallway to St. Francis Chapel. It was time for these improvements and I am grateful to Msgr. Morris and the Oratory for their generosity to St. Luke’s. Thank you!

This has been a dreadfully hot week, hasn’t it? You know the old pastoral line, “You think it’s hot here? You better change your ways or it’ll be hotter where you’ll be going!” (hahaha). Take a minute this weekend to say a prayer of thanks to God for the AC in our Church; which by the way, was partially funded by a grant from the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Finally today, a suggestion to all parishioners to consider putting your name in ‘Selection’ for a three-year position on the Parish Council this September. Members of the Council come from diverse backgrounds with different gifts and talents. Is this your time to offer your gifts? Consider yourself asked!

God Bless! Have a great week!

Remember those 3 Hail Marys (Fr. Pete)