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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 3, 2016

Dear People of God,

After a recent finance committee meeting, Father John-Paul asked the committee to put together an update on some recent repairs we have encountered.  One of the many HVAC registers located in the church was emitting a whining noise.  Each register has two “squirrel cages” attached to motors  which creates the air flow from each register.  The register making the noise had a motor in it that needed to be replaced.  The cost to replace both motors in this one unit was $879.  Unfortunately, many of the registers have the original motors in them so we anticipate that we may experience additional failures in the future.  As an FYI, if we were to replace all of the motors in the units the total cost would be over $10,000.  As other motors fail we will replace them as needed. Our number one priority is to keep the church cool in these hot summer months and warm in the winter months.

Coincidently, we also had a motor in the boiler room with a bad bearing that had to be replaced.  These are much bigger motors and more expensive to repair as they had to take it off-site and rebuild it.  This repair was approximately $2000.  The good news is…with everyone’s generosity this year we were able to absorb these costs.  Please continue your good stewardship.  We are now in our 12th month of our fiscal year and will soon be sharing with you our year-end results.  Barring any other major expenses we should be in the black, unlike the last two years!

The Finance Committee