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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 26, 2016

Dear People of God,

We thank Our Lord for these beautiful hot days of June, with every green thing growing.  What a blessing!  Every day, we can ask our Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve Him and each other.  We are doing a lot of yard work; Amir is mowing and caring for our fields, and myself getting oriented to where spigots are located, getting them turned on, and getting some water to the planters I can reach during these (so far) dry days.  I plant and learn in preparation for a colorful Spring next year.

Our Young Adults group is enjoying each other after the 10:00 am Sunday Mass, and on Fridays as we watch a discussion provoking movie.

I had a long talk with my mother Sunday, reminiscing about family memories of my father, and her early childhood.  She misses her father (my grandfather, who I never met) and she told stories about him protecting the family when she was little on the farm in Colorado.  Life is mysterious and it only makes sense to me in God’s love and plan for us.  What matters most in life is love for God and each other, truly.  May God bless all of us, especially our volunteers.

Keep coming to Mass!

Fr. John-Paul