Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 9, 2021

Today we celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter. In both our 2nd reading from St. John and in our Gospel for this Sunday the theme focuses on “Love.” Love is how we know God and show it. Jesus says at the end of today’s Gospel, “This I command you: love one another.” As we draw close to the end of the Easter season and prepare for Pentecost our readings lead us to look forward to the coming of the Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that if they loved Him they would keep His commandments (love), and He would ask the Father to send another Paraclete to abide with them forever. The command to love one another is the way that we keep Jesus alive in our midst. We love another as He loved us and in so doing we experience the joy He came to bring. Today’s Gospel acclamation reminds us that, whoever loves Jesus will keep His word, and the Father will love them and come to them. This Sunday let us strive to love in deed and in truth.

Today we also celebrate the love of very special people in our lives, our mothers. On this Mother’s Day weekend we thank God for Mom. If they are still with us we ought to make a special effort to be in contact with them, call them, visit them, let them know we love them and are grateful for their love. If they have gone home to be with the Lord let us offer special prayers of gratitude today asking Almighty God that they enjoy the life of the blessed in Heaven. With our Blessed Mother may they rejoice to see God face to face. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

We are selling Pro-Life Yard signs once again this weekend. These signs read, “Keep All Life Sacred.” They are produced by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus and are a reminder that ALL life, from conception to natural death is sacred and we believe that. Signs are $5.00 each and include both the sign and stand. Please get one and proudly display it in your yard or window.

Last weekend I had written my bulletin column before the Parish Council meeting had met. I had anticipated that the council would vote on the proposed Parish Mission Statement as it was. I want to correct last week’s announcement in this column. After discussion and some good insight, the council officially adopted the following as the Mission Statement for our parish,

“St. Luke the Evangelist parish is a Catholic community of missionary disciples who strive to know, love, and serve the Lord.”

Please take the time to begin to see this as our path forward. The statement is simple. It is easily memorized and as we move forward will help unite all our organizations, ministries, and Parish activities to fulfilling our mission. Once again, I am grateful to our wonderful parish council members for proposing and adopting this vision.

Finally today, I want to let you know that we will not be having Parish Council selection this year on Pentecost Sunday. Due to the past year of Covid and the council not meeting, I have asked that all the current members of the Council remain for another year. New member selection will take place during the Easter Season in 2022.

God Bless! Happy Easter, Alleluia!

Please continue praying 3 Hail Marys.

Fr. Pete