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The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

June 18, 2017

Dear People of God,

For those who could not come to Mass this weekend, here is the news as of last Sunday, June 11.  We, the Parish Council and Finance Committee, with Fr. Peter Blake (the new pastor) present elected to work with American Boiler for the installation of the new chiller for the church air conditioning system.  The company expects the new chiller to be here in the next two weeks.  Precisely when American Boiler will install the new chiller will depend on their prior commitment, arranging the crane, and electrical power cutoff by Ameren;  this is a big project.  For our purposes, the salient points are that this is the fastest option for getting cooling back in our church, and we continue with a company that has given us good service and “played straight” with us and our old system. The price is in the range of the other proposals, or even a little less.  It is not possible to consider the proposals as equal, because each replacement chiller proposed has features different from the other ones.  We examined three proposals, with a fourth promised, but we did not want to wait for it.  For the news over the past five days, to bring us up to date for the weekend of June 17-18, I will inform you verbally at the end of the Masses.

In the mean time please keep coming to Mass.  The world, your families, and our parish need your prayers and we need your donations at Mass.  Stay the course and later on we will be able to tell stories to the children and new parishioners about the hot summer of 2017!  Stay the course!

God Bless You,

Fr. John-Paul