March 27, 2020

The end of the week has come upon us. With our new normal the weekend has a whole new meaning because it does not differ too much from the rest of the week. With the suspension of all our normal activities, one day can bleed into the next.  As a word of encouragement, we would ask everyone to consider their plan of life and strive to remain faithful to it throughout these days of mandated separation.  What this mean concretely is that you will truly need to be resolute in getting up at the same time, staying to a schedule, and being disciplined in your routine.  If you have a family at home this might be somewhat easier because many of our young people are completing their assignments and work online. Nevertheless, all of us, myself included need to remain diligent in organizing and structuring our days.

This exhortation to a plan of life is particularly significant in relationship to our prayer lives.  Given the time that is now before us, there is no excuse to not being praying daily and actually praying multiple times a day.  Often times the question that arises is what should the content of my prayer be? That answer is both simple and complex. It is simple because our prayer can consist of the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary, reading Sacred Scripture and/or the daily readings or other spiritual reading material. It is complex because now we have time to do more and therefore more can be done.  You can incorporate all the activities mentioned above in your daily prayer or your family prayer.

Please also remember to check on your loved ones, friends, and neighbors – especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems and other health challenges.  If you know of someone who needs assistance, and you are not able to assist them, please contact the rectory.  We have had a few parishioners offer to help.  We ask that you continue to keep our parish community in your prayers.

As a reminder, the celebrations of Holy Week will not be public celebrations. While St. Luke’s will not be livestreaming these celebrations, the Oratory will.  For additional livestreaming options (as well as televised), visit Beginning the Monday of Holy Week and going forward, Confessions will be heard Monday through Friday from 11 am until 12 Noon (by Msgr. Morris).  This means the Church will be open beginning at 11 am and remain open until 1 pm for private prayer beginning Monday, April 6.

Today’s Gospel for Holy Mass details the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Remember that Christ Our Savior has conquered sin and death and that any cross carried with and through the Lord leads to the everlasting life He has gained for us.  Stay strong, steadfast, and most especially joy-filled. Do not let despair, doubt, fear or anxiety way you down.  Have recourse to Our Lady and the Saints to assist you and your family.  Our Savior Jesus Christ is with us always until the end of time. Let us find our strength in Him alone!


The Lord God is my help, therefore I am not disgraced.  (Isaiah 50:7)

With God to help us, we can do anything!  So lean on Him today and not just on yourself.


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